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Carlos Ghosn en anglais dans le texte #1

Je suis en train de lire un article sur le redressement de Nissan par Carlos Ghosn, ci-dessous, quelques citations intéressantes.:

“If you want to mobilize 130,000 people in different cultures and different countries you have to be precise, you have to be factual, and you have to base everything you say on hard evidence that people can measure.”

“There is no problem at a car company that good products can’t solve.”

“The ultimate sacrifice for the top manager is to say I’m putting my job on the line if I don’t achieve these targets”

“What people see is what we execute. Part of my Latin surroundings is an ability to talk too much and not implement. I’ve seen it in many places – Brazil, France, and Italy – where people tend to think about a problem and talk about it without doing anything about it. The temptation to talk is so big. I consider it pleasant on a personal level; extremely unpleasant in business.”

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